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Lamanai, Belize - Structure N10-27, Harold or Stela Temple
4th Stop between the ballcourt and residential area  

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Structure N10-27, Lamanai


D. Pendergast recovered Stela 9 beneath a shallow deposit of soil.  The structure as well as the carved stone monument was destroyed sometime after the Late Classic period, luckily it landed face down on the front lower central stairs of the structure which already had soil accumulated on it.  Because of this the extremely fine, shallow carving of this important object was mostly preserved.  It contains invaluable hieroglyphs and iconographic information about Lamanai.


Structure N10-27, Completion of Consolidation


The Tourism Development Project (TDP), headed by C. Belanger & J. Awe, and made possible by Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) and the residents of Indian Church and San Carlos Village.  

Structure N10-27 – Stela 9, Classic Period - Lamanai, Belize

Classic period carved stone monument, March 2003 recent decipherment by epigrapher Simon Martin did not change the original two dates recorded on the monument determined by Michael Closs of AD 608 & 625 – but does change the individuals we think may be being discussed from Lord Smoking Shell to Yopaat and Sun Shark – it is not clear if the main figure is the dead lord Yopaat or the current ruler (actually more like King, a rare title of East Kaloomte') dressed in royal regalia that actually is very old-fashioned, see below for more information - with this in mind we'd lean toward the figure representing Yopaat after his death.  

Lamanai Stela 9, Rubbing

By L. Belanger ( Iconographic representations identified by D. Reents-Budet () indicates a blend of Early and Late Classic traits – early being headdress with projecting chin strap, wristlets in the central area that resemble earplugs, ruler holding emblematic head in one hand and a ceremonial bar in the other – late traits being some empty space throughout (a reduction of imagery trend), outward turned feet (not seen here), and earplugs depicted as independent from the headdress


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