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Altun Ha - ahl-toon-HAH  (North central Belize)

We Highly recommend: Lamanai Day Trip

Yucatec Maya for “rockstone pond” (loose translation)

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The ancient Maya city of Altun Ha is located in the Orange Walk district off the old Northern Highway in northern Belize. The Maya began occupying the Altun Ha area in 1000 BC (Early Preclassic) and the city was expanded in AD 700. During the Classic period the population reached it’s peak with an estimated population of 3,000. Although that population is fairly low compared to many Maya cities, the individuals who resided in and around Altun Ha appear to have been considerably wealthy and powerful. This is evident from the amount of high status items including jade recovered at the site. Structure B4 revealed a richly furnished tomb of one of Altun Ha's rulers, and among its contents the largest jadeite sculpture yet found. It represents Kinich Ahau, the Maya sun god. Another tomb contained 300 jadeite objects along with residue from a codex or a Maya book (Pendergast 1979, 1990).

The evidence recovered from Altun Ha indicates that this center participated in, and reaped the benefits from, a trade network – probably dominated by Tikal – that connected the Caribbean coast with the core of the central lowlands.

"We certainly had a wonderful experience, I thought Chichen Itza was great but it doesn't compare, thank you so much Laura, we highly recommend this day trip."

Gail W., Florida

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Altun Ha site map
Altun Ha Day Trip

Private (only your party no other cruise ship or day tours)

Knowledgeable guides

Site Maps & Information Provided Prior to Departure 

Classic Period Maya Ruins in northern Belize Close to Belize City

Operator serving Belize for over 20 years

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"We certainly recommend you to our family and friends. Our trip was an adventure for three generations, satisfying all of our interests, providing memories to treasure and share. There was never a time when we did not feel safe in Belize. Thank you very much for all of your time and effort in planning this day trip."

~ K. Lannert


Altun Ha - David Pendergast Elizabeth Graham and group B41   Altun Ha B4 from A1
  Altun Ha David Pendergast and Elizabeth Graham B41  
Altun Ha consolidation of A1   Altun Ha consolidation of A1

Central Belize

Approximately 4 hours round-trip (last 15 miles on Old Northern Highway, rougher, dirt road)

Fully guided tour:

~ Altun Ha Maya Ruins - Classic Period, 2 plaza smaller Maya city-state

~ Lunch - Mayan Wells (small Butterfly Farm) - near Altun Ha

Video on Altun Ha:


Meet & Greet Belize City - just outside Tourism Village (tender area)

Round-trip Transfer to Altun Ha from Belize City (private AC vehicle)

Licensed, experienced Belizean Guide entire trip (including transfers)

Fully Guided Tour: Altun Ha Maya Archaeological Site *

Lunch at Mayan Wells & Small Butterfly Farm (at Mayan Wells)

* $5 US pp archaeological site fee not included


2 adults or less: $90 US per person

3 - 5 adults: $80 US per person

6 - 9 adults: $70 US per person

** Tour provided from one of Belize's most experienced operators both in terms of knowledge and safety



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