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UNESCO World Heritage Reef Snorkel (or Dive) Day Trip:

Belize Barrier Reef Snorkeling Day Trip

UNESCO World Heritage Site




  • Walk about 3 minutes down the street after you arrive in the Belize port.
  • There you will meet your dive master & your boat driver and get all of your snorkeling gear.
  • He will take you out the Barrier Reef and a wonderful snorkel destination on the barrier reef.

These are full day trips which include:

packed lunch,
tanks & weights (and/or snorkel gear)
pre & post trip support
guided barrier reef snorkel trip
and professional crew.

Guided snorkeling adventures to Belize's Barrier Reef - the longest in the Western Hemisphere!  We also have available snorkeling adventures to Turneffe and Lighthouse Atoll, but recommend the Belize Barrier Reef as it is much closer and the marine life is just as spectacular. Our snorkeling trips are available for snorkelers who are visiting Belize for the day on a cruise ship, staying in Belize City, Cayo, or on St George's Caye, or are passing through on a sailing charter.  We offer pick up service from local hotels, at St. George's Caye, or at your mooring anywhere between St. George's Caye and Blufield Range.  These are full day trips which include lunch, soda/water, tanks, weights and professional crew.

Our daily snorkeling trips depart to spectacular underwater gardens thriving with colorful corals and fish.  We often see larger sea creatures like turtles, rays and even sharks!

The coral growth that forms the barrier reef is thousands of years old.  There are magnificent stands of elkhorn and staghorn coral, and large boulder corals up to 300 years old!  There are hundreds of species of stony corals and soft corals that give the reef its color and provide shelter for the reef creatures and reef fish.

Molluscs, crustaceans, echinoderms and sponges are abundant on the reefs of Belize.  Queen conch, channel clinging crabs, spiny lobster and donkey dung sea cucumbers are just a few of the marine creatures we often see while snorkeling. There are over 500 species of reef fish that inhabit Caribbean coral reefs.  There are many species of parrotfish, snapper and grouper. We see loggerhead turtles, green turtles and hawksbill turtles.  The hawksbill turtles are often seen resting on the bottom blending in very well with their surroundings. Two species of rays often sighted are the spotted eagle ray and southern stingray.   It's an amazing sight to see a "squadron" of eagle rays cruising along the reef. Most of the sharks that we see along the barrier reef are nurse sharks; also known as sleeping sharks or sand sharks since they are often found resting on the bottom.  

The best thing about snorkeling is that you never know what you're going to see, and it sure beats any day in the office!

~ Unless it is raining hard and blowing we still go out. Sometimes too it just rains in the morning a little and then clears up and so we wait an hour and head out. If they day turns out to be really nasty then we can find something else for them to do like visit the Belize Museum (Colonial, Maya, & modern Belize history) and Old Belize Museum (history of jungle, Maya, loggers, & Colonial Belize). These are both indoor activities that can be done in rain or shine. ~ 

Total cost:    $118.00 US per person

**** There are no refunds. This is an outdoor activity and sometimes the weather does cooperate with us. 



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